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Ивлим.Ру: информация и развлечения

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Sanatoria of Anapa: 

Санаторий "Анапа-Океан" Sanatorium "Anapa-Ocean" Anapa resort
The sanatorium is known for faraway from Anapa. It is a whole resortful complex standing literally 20 m from sea rim. level of comfort of the institution will praise you...

Sanatorium in Anapa

Санаторий "Маяк" Sanatorium "Mayak" Anapa resort
Achitecture of the first in resort's history sanatorium is tracing all epochs of its development, you will prove it yourself catching a feeling of home cozyness of inside territory of the sanatorium somehow similar quaters of ancient town, compare windows glittering of new buildings with refined bricklay of old facade... more...

Anapa Sanatoria

Санаторий "Ди Луч" Sanatoirum "Di Luch" Anapa resort
One of the best-known and likely the most big one health -building and sanatory institution in Anapa resort. Contributed many pages into chronicles of nowadays treatment and sanation of population of our vast country. Should you have a sani cardof Di Luch in your hands -you are lucky, don't let luck leave you. We are looking forward to you ! more...

Sanatorium in Anapa

Санаторий "Россиянка"  Sanatorium "Rossiyanka" Anapa resort
Unique combination of natural healing factors of Anapa- its mild seaside climate, tender warm sea, numerous and variable srings with mineral water, the richest and sole in Russia deposits of healing muds of sulphite silts, al that helps to solve the problem of rehabilitation of the patients with different ailments within the condituions of specialized center "Rossiyanka" ...  more...

Sanatoria in Anapa

Санаторий "Кубань"  Sanatorium "Kuban" Anapa resort
Anapa - pearl of Russia. In the very center of it, where the sandy beaches start their stroke, in the seashore of Anapa bay rizes up fashionable eigt-storeyed bulding of sanatorium "Kuban".You will be at comfort in fashionable double rooms with all amenities ... more...

Sanatoria in Anapa

Санаторий "Русь"  Sanatorium "Rus" Anapa resort
In Anapa, the sunniest town of Russian Black Sea on pictresque cliffed shore of the Small highrise facilities of "Rus". The sanatorium is valued and assessed not only by home citizens but foreigners as well. healing powers of resort, up-to-date medicine equipment, high diagnostics level, experienced doctors all that encourage restoration of health of the vacationers and holiday-makers... more...

Anapa sanatoria

Санаторий "Золотой Берег"  Sanatorium "Zolotoy Bereg" Anapa resort
You will be able to feel full range curing factors if come with your family rest and cure to sanatorium "Zolotoy Bereg". You won't change the gold of golden sand for anything... more...

Sanatoria in Anapa

Sanatorium Kristall in Anapa  Sanatorium "Kristall" Anapa resort

Sanatorium of original architecture looks like snowwhite liner inviting you to step in its cleaned decks and suits... more...

Sanatoria in Anapa

Санаторий "Родник". Санатории Анапы  Sanatorium "Rodnik" Anapa resort

Here you will encounter a pure crystal sea water , shallow shore and cavalcade of amusing dunes, whisper of the tide and gulls screams.
Sanatorium has its own mineral springs ...

Sanatoria in Anapa

Balneology  SK "BFO" Anapa resort

The most advanced specialists in mudcure(fangotherapy). We provide our patients with full cycle from producing to applying of healing features of Anapa unique muds . Rest and cure under professional guidance attested by 40 years irreproachable work.. more...

Sanatoria in Anapa

Spa-hotel Aquamarine in Anapa  Sanatorium spa-hotel "Aquamarine" Anapa

Fashionable sanatorium with distinctive appearance. Sanatorium and resort rehabilitation, utmost range of spa procedures . Huge territory, ever charming music in the halls. Sophisticated service...more...

Sanatoria in Anapa

Психотерапевт Васильев Б.В.  Psychotherapist ,academician of RSA,
Vasiliev B.V.

Nowadays it is scientific practicable center of adopive reconstructive psychotherapy. Center of psychomatic medicine recovering adoptive character of humans organism... more...




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