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Immovables in Anapa 


  If you already get acquainted with our town and its sights you can merge to the stage crowned with wish to grab a lump of this miracle for long use. Grabbed miracle citing belletristics sounds as realty. This very immovable can serve as a summer fortification, or squeeze from itself an extract-money. Set up to this process reasonably and fundamentally and you will succeed.


::Private bills - Sale:: 

  To place your bill send out a text on e-mail [].

   Selling 2-storey unbuilt hоuse on 0,9 ha land lot in Su-Psekh . 2 km off Anapa . Price $ 14000. Adress tel. +007 (86133) 66387, 8(86133) 79608 


  House in old Alexeevka (prest. district of Anapa). Adobe house 43,5 м2(4 rooms) and kitchen(1980)25 м2, all conveniences. Land lot 1 ha. Car entrance, big yard, width by facade 17м2. Price $ 45000 Haggle. +007(86133)5-28-63

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