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The Goals and Tasks of RBSP : 


   As Anapa is first of all a Black Sea resort the main issue of the Projects is concerning with rest and cure in our resort. Actually , rest at the Black Sea deserves to be a main issue. Therefore percentage of representatives of sanative and recreation complexes prevail over the others. But focus , too on agricultutal and industrial potential of the region. In this sense your personal interest doesn't take a last place. Thus if you wish to promote your services, please contact. We shall assisst you. We are glad also to have contacts with the towns and regions abroad to share links, information and may be money :).
    Anapa has air gates of international status, actively used by neighboring cities. Airport lies 18 kм from the town opposite resort place Vityazevo in the route port Temryuk, port Kavkaz and Kerch(Ukraine). We have a railway station to be ,of course, modernised and built up. Distance 8 kм from town.
    We would like also to have a sensetive and cmprehensive ecological programm for the resort area, natural lanscapes and resources. To that reason we are ready to be taught some or exchange in order combine efforts of enthuasists worldwide thus making a firm ring across the World. It is impossible to preserve the Nature without all people's pushing.


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