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Rest and cure in Anapa


   Nobody will disprove the truth we need to have a rest whenever. But it is a very delicate question,indeed. Everyone knows well the capacity of one's purse and so it is in vain to pull the wool over someone's eyes or please someone. One cannot give out more than he possess.
   Look through this section yourself and find the golden middle, that will suit you in price,quality and comfort .
   Having rest in Anapa means to have plenty of pleasantries. In addition to the Black Sea you get here sea of fruits, fascinating nature, get aquainted with culture and history of our town.
   Sea in Anapa is the gist thanks to which thousands of holiday-makers kept and keep on coming to this place. The beaches are mainly sandy with fine white sand on central beach stroke and coarse yellow sand stretching from Upper Gemete through Vityazevo to the Blagoveshchenskaya stanitsa all in all almost 40 km. There is a pebble beach in Anapa, too- it is a piece named, High Bank and of course Sukko valley and Small and Big Utrish as well.
   There are a lot of healing methods implemented in this or that sanatorium- namely fangotherapy in BFO, the strongest diagnostic center of Di Luch, excellent meals, comfort, care of the personnel, remeniscent sights, first class buildings it is the things every sanative institution of Anapa can boast of.
   Don't forget the wines and something that is ripe than a peach and tipsy than any wine - the nicest and gracious women. Mass of entertainments and attractions for the children .


Come, explore, compare !

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