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Inns of Anapa town: 

hotel Albatros in Anapa Hotel "Albatros" ,Anapa 
This inn stands on the cross of the streets Gorkogo and Grebenskaya near central bazaar. Five minutes walk separate you from Central beach, aquapark.. more...

Hotels in Anapa

inn Golden Lady Inn "Golden Lady" , Anapa 
For those who prefer individual rest at surroundings imposing upon you more time for being in harmony with yourself and environgment suit well the number of modern inns , to the row of which belongs Golden Lady... more ...

Hotels of Anapa

Inn Oliva in Anapa Inn "Oliva" Anapa
Charming place for newly married couples, honey moon trips, those respecting home comfort and soleness. A detached house in Anapa for delegations? collectives. Bright, spacy with wooden decoration inside. more ...

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