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Leisure and entertainments in Anapa 


  This section is dedicated to the integral part of human's being - leisure. Leisure is rather wide and rich for those who rules it. We let you try yorselves the pecularities and nuances of its components, we just outline some ternds.

   Anapa is endowed with everything for entire and valuable rest : sanatoriums, holiday hotels, inns, variety of entertainments, the excellent modern aquapark designed and errected in accordance with international norms and rules of the kind, he that can compare will agree, just judge upon the water color, they aren't stingy with filtering system. Besides , the location of the entertainment spot adds to its advantage. The streets and lanes of the town are doted with brollys of travel bureaus offering exciting tours over the precincts and the region. a relatively new one touristic route is a tour to the Park «Dobrodey» - sort of Disney Land of Kuban spin. The children will be joy and enchanted with personages, of favourite Russian fairy tales to gether with their alive huts, interior designation, will be treated to numerous eatables, can ride horses. The park is situated in stanitsa Gostagaevskaya.
  Bowling clubs command respect by their spaces, cuisine and service. But please beware of reality of the Universe, the following inscriptions in the cloack-room will help this: « administartion isn't responsible for safety of the cloths, valuables and pocket money». As in saying it isn't spare to scatter a bit your mind. The most hearsaid ones are «Submarine», «Pepelace», and located in the territorium of sanatorium «Vityaz» in resort village Vityazevo. There are of course rich variety of cafes and bars.
   To the row of active form of rest can be sorted out yaching in yacht club and scuba diving offered by diving center «Shark», housed at yacht club's site. But even if all that didn't exist at all and there were simly hot sand and warm tender sea it would be enough for entertaining in a way of swimming, idly lying about, sunbathing, fool playing , etc.

  And , please, remember the human's factor, respect each other, for only three month are disposed for us to have fun and rest and all the country is lashing off towards the sea, as a result tempo, narrowmindedness, dominated by the sole idea to reach relaxation. Local citizens must endure , vacationers are clients, and client is ever right. Vacationers in their turn should not let anyone make them out of the status of phylosophic devouring of pleasures into warlike viking angry with everyone and everything. Someteimes all black is put in one stain o certain place. Drive idiots around.

Be leisured !

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