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In 1994 in Dio-Luch was opened a Center for Psychological Correction See the world with sober eyes!

To hold a post of director of the Center was invited a well-known doctor a psychotherapist Vasiliev B.V. From the date of its foundation the Center accepted and cured over 10,000 people from Russia , CIS countries and the rest of the world in its walls.
The significance of the Center was prompted by galloping level of stress modulating factors in the population, its social and psychological disadaptation, worries over future, future of the children; ruined plans and/or hopes; frequented suicide incidents, appearing among the patients those fighting with arms in hot spots, parents who lost their sons, etc. By unblocked clinching of the disadaptive technologies in the society causing displacing of the human from his normal frame of mind into changed one state. From destructive Reality into trance-hypnotic state. (Remember that changed states of mind play not the latest role in forming disadaptation : dependences, somatoform disorders, psychosomatic diseases, because they are their psycho-physiological platform . They are a powerful lever to manipulate state and condition, behavior and priorities of the individual). Today our center has become a practical scientific Center for adaptive, reconstructive psychotherapy. A Center for psychosomatic medicine brings back a person his adaptive ability. Center for psychotherapy that credited itself remarkably with elimination of social, psychological and somatic disadaptation : alcoholism, depression, all forms of neurotic disturbances, neuroses, bronchial asthma, hypertonic disease, peptic ulcer, cholecystopancreatitis, colitis, allergic maladies, thyrotoxicosis, rheumatoid arthritis, neurodermite, etc.
Center for psychotherapeutic rehabilitation is a well-known institution in Krasnodar Region. Dozens of patients come to our Center to get civilized psychotherapeutic assistance.


I put a question to the attendees of psychological course arrived from Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Chelyabinsk, Kemerovo, Novosibirsk and other towns of our vast homeland.
-Hoist up your hands to say but sincerely whether there is anybody who counts himself/herself being free from evil eye or malicious spell.
All the audience immersed into implicit silence , after a long pause follows timid from impulse realization of the question reply
-Yes, there is.
-Are you afraid of something, tell firmly and confidently.
-Why if it impose an evil eye on us.
I see the nodding, dumbly saying yes heads of the countrymen.
-Are you afraid of something, it doesnt exist, it is

Oh, my Lord, what kind of non-traditional psychotherapeutic treatment will help it, what kind of psychoanalysis, everything must be started form the very beginning.. And very the same each month for years already.
Dont be flattered , them are not a weakest link, destroyed working class or outback farm-laborers, them are, look at the audience, our pride-representatives of intellectual class. Annually we rehabilitate over thousands of countrymen and no hoisted hand, not a single objection. Hysterodemoniacal Renaissance, renewed Middle Ages.

Psychotherapy. Ethics and deontology of the New Wave. Anapa, 2003.

Human being is the only among living creatures in the Earth, that is free at making conscious and motivated choice . Mind and consciousness are capable to verify the matter of dependences offered by anyone. To keep your consciousness free from dictated dogmas you should restore at least a particle of free self inside of you. It is the paradox of logic: subjective and virtual factors dont let a man to have an independent and free inner-self. The paradox dictates humans life with humiliating threats, binds it dependent on herbals , flowers, stones, wind, magnetic storms, moon light, adepts in Enlightenment and so forth. The paradox compels the free genotype perfection of the man to humiliating dependence on abstractions produced by subjectively verified world, word of sensations. Kneels him before originally adapted to him since the very birth..
Social culture stimulates sort-out of the society into flocks of : Aries, Capricorns, Taurus, Leos, Pisces, Cancers, Scorpions and so on.
An individual from the viewpoint of the society(Enlightenment) is born to be a captive of the Nature linking to year of his birth: either Goats, Snakes, Horses, Rats, Monkeys, etc.. The Enlightenment does not oppose it in principle, considering it rather as an innocent twist of peoples imagination, out of strange or low culture. Those indulged in the cognate chain go stubbornly till the End. Upon this subjectivism theres no humans year, no freedom from cultivated inertness and inferiority complex. Society plays willingly into hands of such labeling of its subjects with animal/herbal stamp, thus pushing out of belonging to them(people) Reality.
Metaphorically and euristically argumented equates the co-citizens with this or that flora or fauna rep, creating direct base for modeling of dependences, psychosomatic disadaptive states. What a powerful instrument of control !

Reality verification and verity of subjective sensations. Anapa, 2004.

Significance of the questions is quite topical in the society, society that competes to drive most skillfully the self-recognition of the countrymen into another conceptual cliche of its trance-sensual experience. Will conceptually force the opponents and adepts to affirm their empiric claims through their psychosomatic verification. Varieties, construed out of best temptations for sinking cognition of the contemporaries in sensations by weak actuality of the Reality , are innumerous . Varieties armed with conception attributes, exploiting metaphysical, virtual nothing, exhausting and devastating templates of adaptive reflexes. It is understood to the specialist that it is not only the psyche we are talking about Psychogenic deprivation , deprivation nothing and alike become a norm of conceptual manipulating for that part of the social cognition, displacement of which out of social processes enables to crash with impunity its life plans and prospects in epoch of social reallocations. To oust it from live, adaptively significant Realities. Leaving behind a track of psychosomatic dependences-disadaptations, resembling slavery. Apogee of every dependence is lack of its recognition. Recognition of the freedom with deprivation loop on the neck.

Displacement from Reality. (to the question of somatoform disorders, psychosomatic reactions and changed cognitive states) Anapa, 2004.

Treatment of somatoform disorders in Anapa



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